Research Hole: Divination

I started researching different types of divination for my next WIP, which I just started playing with today (because I finished the first draft I was working on and I’m taking a week before revisions, woohoo!).

I haven’t done a ton of research yet, but I’ve already found something that I liked: pessomancy.  Telling the future with stones, pebbles, or beans.  Generally the stones would be of a similar size and shape, marked with symbols or color to represent different health, success, whatever else.  They could be drawn out of a bag or thrown for readings.

I love this idea, but naturally I had to go and complicate it.  So I started looking into tea reading symbols, and I decided to use unmarked stones and create a mat with symbols to throw them onto, so you’re reading them based on where they fall on the mat.

I’m definitely going to create a set with in-world symbols once I figure those out, but of course I had to make myself a set, so I broke out the fabric spray paint and made a stencil.

And then it needed to be stored in something…and then I wanted to make a more intricate mat, so I made the design more complicated, added symbols, and I have custom fabric being shipped to me.

I live in this research hole now.

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